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Spit It Out, A**hole!

Nov 20, 2018

Hey Whiskerheads! Happy Thanksgiving from the Catfish Comedy Boys! On this episode the boys find Willy after he sends them a message and GPS cords to some random spot out in the woods about 6 miles from our place. He was out there on a hunt, and wanted us to join him for the "kill". What happened to that turkey and the inside of my car on the way home can't be described in text. Back at the homefront Willy shows us how to prepare and cook our Thanksgiving turkey. It goes about as good as you'd damn expected to. Ya know? Hey if you want to give us an early Christmas gift hop on over to Itunes and leave us a review for the podcast. We'd sure appreciate it since it dont look like Santa is bringing us jack-shit. Ya know?

Happy Thanksgiving! We love yall!

Deedar, Garth, & Tucker!