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Spit It Out, A**hole!

Dec 25, 2018

Well, Whiskerheads....It's come to this we have both Marty and Willy in the studio and we held it together just long enough to get these titans on the scale. Willy had been living in the crawl space for the last few days so technically he was here already, and Marty has been making his presence felt all over town since stepping off the bus last week. We held it together the best we could, and all though they didnt attack each other that much they were VERY ABUSIVE to Tucker and Garth who were both struck very hard on the face trying to get them into the living room to step on the scale. The closer we get to this NYE fight the worse we all been feelin about it. It's like, it be totally bad ass to see someone get an ear, or a toe torn off. Right? But then again, I dont want no ears and toes in my damn backyard NYE party that aint attached to people. Only time will tell...Ya know?!

Merry Christmas/ Happy Chanakuh, Whiskerheads! We love yall!

Give us the gift of a RATE/REVIEW/SUB Ya Know!?