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Spit It Out, A**hole!

Jul 27, 2018

Here we go again! It's the CATFISH live show Tales from the Trailer Park from Banks St Bar in Mid-City New Orleans. We had four amazing storytellers give us their best trashy stories in front of a live audience. REAL LIVE. So live I had to kick some of there old drunk asses right outside on their asses. Then because I...

Jul 27, 2018

Deedar was clearing his head after almost tangling with Alabamamian's during our second kick ass live show this weekend, Tales from the Trailer Park. Garth brought his buddy from the mall Tedward back over so we made him talk a whole bunch of crazy shit. He was going to do it anyways. May as well record that shit. Ya know?

Jul 20, 2018

On this episode the boys have on their close buddy, and amazing stand-up comedian, Josh Watts. Ol' Deedar may have messed up the mic set up this being the first time we had 4 people in the studio. It's a little messed up, like us, so just bear with it. Because honestly, it's just too funny to not be heard. Also it's...

Jul 18, 2018

Hey! It's a Wednesday mini-episode. On this episode Garth is out of town so the boy's sit down with his Yultide loving cousin from North Carolina, Christmas Marty! Bust out some eggnog and throw a turkey Hot-Pocket in the microwave because it's about to be Christmas in July up in this shit!

Jul 13, 2018

The CATFISH boy's are back and talking about the dark world of murder and crime and shit. We talk a little about serial killers some, then switch gears to the crime we have been witness to around our hoods in New Orleans. Tucker closes out the show with his story about getting way to shithoused in Austin, TX one night...