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Spit It Out, A**hole!

Oct 27, 2017

The boys of CATFISH are back with the scariest podcast since Serial investigated the secret life of Ronald McDonald's scary ass. We talk about it all in this special Halloween episodes We discuss candy, and how it can be used as weapon, Moss-Men with head-trauma induced limps, and getting lost in K-mart and having to...

Oct 20, 2017

This week the boys discuss how they're handling their new found popularity from the podcast and they answer user emails! 

Oct 13, 2017

The boy's of CATFISH are joined by an old friend in this episode. Garth...He's normally in and out of jail but he's out, and this time he says he's, "a changed man". Tucker isnt buying it shit gets LIT. Ya know?

Oct 6, 2017

Hey. In this one the boys get into the October Halloween spirit by talking about the horror movies Annabelle, and IT. We also discuss the move to our new recording space. Other topics include: Roy Orbison, Fancy Sauce, Clown semen, Peter Dinklage, and assholes named Greg...Ya know it?