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Spit It Out, A**hole!

Dec 29, 2017

On this episode the boy's of CATFISH talk about new beginnings and New Year's resolutions. Will Deedar drop some lbs? Will Tucker be a better husband? Will Garth find a lady not being watched by the FBI? Have a listen and find out. Ya know?

Dec 22, 2017

Hey! It's Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! We're all hopped up on Wild Turkey and fudge and ready to party. This week Deedar and newly wedded Tucker are flying solo. Garth will be spending Christmas in jail this year...We do have a special guest, "Christmas Marty" stopping by to fill us with the spirit of...

Dec 15, 2017

This week our Ol' pal Tucker is getting himself hitched up to the prettiest girl in New Orleans! So in his stead Garth toted his badass weirdo Uncle Terry back to the shed for more stories. Uncle Terry also brought us some Christmas presents this time around! Tis truly the season for family, friends, togetherness, and...

Dec 8, 2017

The boy's of CATFISH discuss and attempt to record ASMR. We also discuss all the TUBE sites, Portmanteaus, and other crazy shit! 

Dec 1, 2017

Hey! This week we talk about all kinda kick-ass stuff! Tucker and Deedar partied too hard at a Dash Rip Rock show. Tucker talks about his spirit journey through the woods where he most likely joined a cult...Then Garth tells us about a some weird ass party he went to that was full of baby ass kids. Overall, it's a...